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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

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I wonder if anyone other than you has ever used this...

I updated it because a man I have never heard of who is not a member of DT and asked me to update it.  So, at least one other person has :)

I think I have used it once or twice a few years ago. 

I use it a lot as I make proxy decks quite a bit!

Is this man called David Madgin? I pointed him towards this as he wanted a programme - glad it's been updated - I'm gonna need to use it for Legacy testing this Saturday and need some of the new cards!

No it was some dude called Eric.

Is it brainstorm-miracle time in Dattaniville?  Surely not.

I was tempted - but I think it's time for some sneak and show

I have to say Griselbrand is a pretty exciting guy to be getting into play on t1.

4 mana red enchantments in Legacy, though?  Next you will be playing Manabarbs!  Beats paying the full price for a Hive Mind I guess.

Grim Monolith is not good when you aren't heading to 5U?

This is why I prefer playing this deck. Doesn't need to play clunky Monoliths etc - gives you much more room for countermagic!

I'm playing it at the weekend but from looking at it I think it's what I'm taking to BoM. (if I can get hold of the Griselbrands!)

i would use the shit out of this if i had a printer

Kieran Symington said:

I wonder if anyone other than you has ever used this...

We all used it for the email draft that we did a while ago

Small update.  The proxy generator now accepts input like:

4x Griselbrand

2* Faithless Looting

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