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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Who's going? 

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Coming along to TGC tonight to test some modern if others want to bring decks as well.

Im bringing Jund, Zoo, Affinity and a rogue deck

OMG <3


Rebecca Bonfield said:

I'm going. Yes Paul you can borrow Tron. Mills if you're not playing Jund don't forget to bring it so I can have it back. I'll be needing to borrow affinity stuff again. As a vague point of interest did you guys see that Marco (O-J) won last night's mtgo PTQ with Caw Blade?
Yeah, he beat Eduardo (Twin) in the finals by timing him out!

seriously? :P

was eduardo going to win in a normal game? :P

Amar Dattani said:

Yeah, he beat Eduardo (Twin) in the finals by timing him out!
This is just from FB. Don't have the full details and not really interested in watching the MODO replay.
I believe Marco is on this forum so he might be able to shed light on the matter.

Pretty sure he was combo'ing when he timed out.

That has got to hurt.

i time people out irl using my time-dilation techniques

they don't even just time out of the match, they literally age and decompose and shit. last crusade style.

i guess i should clarify what happened:

i did indeed play eduardo in the final of the modo ptq, me on cawblade him on twin. i won g1. game 2 went on forever, eventually he assembled his combo with 8 mins on his clock. i didn't scoop, initially because i was slightly behind on time (about 6:30 left on my clock) so wanted to recoup that before game 3 (1 min 30 is about average for a twin player to go off on modo, maybe even a bit generous). Then he took forever for each loop of the combo (lag i guess?) so it became obvious that time out was a real possibility, which put me to a decision: scoop or go for the time out. i guess it's pretty close to the scummy line, but i chose not to scoop. Vs unknown opponent i would do this 100% of the time in a ptq. It's different when it's eduardo ofc, but when u choose to play an infinite loop deck on modo timing out is something that you have to consider and is a part of software. i know thats not the strongest justification, but honestly i just can't ever see me scooping myself out of a pro tour invite in this spot. anyway eventually he killed me with 1:40ish on his clock, which wasn't enough for game 3, which i won by timeout.

Fair play imho.
It being Eduardo made the decision a little harder but it's still correct.
He would have (probably) done the same to you if it had been reversed.

Anyway congrats on the Q, guess we won't be seeing you in London at the weekend!

that WAS a pretty scummy move, especially given that it was eduardo, and I personally wouldn't have done it to someone I know well. That said, its a bit like whether or not you remind your opponent to pay for a pact, its completely within the rules, and you didn't do anything WRONG, so I guess its fine. That's why you shouldn't play twin or melira online...

Congrats (especially given recent t8 struggles online), gl at the PT

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