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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Hi Everyone,


Dates for PTQ Nagoya are now available.


You can find them at:


So plan your journeys and prepare your deck!


Rik Powell

Game Support Representative
Wizards of the Coast
UK, Ireland & South Africa

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No london PTQ :'(

What's the reason for having fewer PTQs? Attendance hasn't been that low has it?!

I think they have to be store based in line with the new WPN rules, which is maybe why no Gravesend PTQ either?


I didn't even see an invite to apply for one this time, so I'm assuming this must be the case.

Cambridge Sat 15 Jan
Reading Sat 19 Feb
Dublin Sat 19 Feb
Nottingham Sun 20 Feb
Dundee Sun 20 Feb
Manchester Sat 26 Feb
Birmingham Sat 12 Mar

Reposting for those too lazy to click through (mainly me)

Only 4 weekends with PTQ's kinda sucks....

London does have a PTQ, no date has been set yet.

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