Demonic Tutor

Magic: the Gathering in the UK


Black Lotus
Blinkmoth Nexus
Burning Inquiry
Calciform Pools
Chancellor of the Annex
Crucible of Worlds
Emrakul, the Aeon's Torn
Ensnaring Bridge
Force of Will
Gitaxian Probe
Hickory Woodlot
Laboratory Maniac
Leyline of Sanctity
Mental Misstep
Mishra's Factory
Mishra's Workshop
Scalding Tongs
Strip Mine
The Rack
The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale
Volcanic Island


Name P W D L F A P
Simon 45 28 6 11 56 23 90
Tom 45 25 7 13 52 28 82
Thom 39 20 9 10 41 23 69
Kieran 45 15 10 20 31 40 55
Phil 28 16 6 6 35 14 54
Louis 38 15 8 15 32 33 53
Charlie 28 13 5 10 27 20 44
Levi 20 3 6 11 8 24 15
James 7 3 0 4 6 7 9
Ross 45 2 3 40 4 80 9

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My results with Thom and Phil might be right for the wrong reasons; Leyline of singularity destroys bitterblossom tokens. So against Phil ith forces a draw and against Thom I just hold Quarter till he plays nexus and kill it. Interesting that the results are still the same though

I think I can force a draw vs. Simon when he is on the play (making it 1-0 to me). If he chain of smogs me on turn 1, I choose not to copy it and he cant cast spirit. If he chain of smogs himself, discarding the rest of his hand, I keep maze/quarter, quarter his quarter and then put down maze for nether spirit? I'm pretty sure I\ve just missed something obvious.

Charlie is right.  But what would have happened if Him and Simon had drawn?

There would have been 3 people on 11 points.  Do we do game wins, head to head, tie?

Depending on how Leylines work its possible that Phil v Thom becomes a complete headache when Phil is on the play?
On the play Thom makes Karakas as his opening land and phil cant ever cast anything

On the draw Phil turn 1's his meddling mage. Thom ghost quarters Karakas and then makes his own, bounces mage, and proceeds to win with nexus.
BUT how does both players having Leylines work? Is it hidden information whether you're putting one in? Or does Phil get the choice first then Thom? Because if they both play one, meddling mage cant get bounced by Karakas and then Phil wins the race (since the Leylines legend rule each other). I suspect Phil makes a choice then Thom makes a choice (so Thom wins) but its possible that it doesnt work like that.

Good point.  From gatherer:

After all players have decided not to take any more mulligans, if the starting player has any Leylines in his or her hand, he or she may put any or all of them onto the battlefield. Then each other player in turn order may do the same.

OK after updating all results (thank Thom!) I have this as a win for Charlie with:

Ghost Quarter
Maze of Ith
Mox Jet

Charlie 12
Tom 11
Phil 11
Thom 11
Simon 9
Kieran 3
Ross 0

Very close this time.

In future in the case of a multi-way draw on points we'll declare all players winners and ban all cards from their decks.


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