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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Standings for this week:

1. Ben 2. Russ 3. Nathan 4. Amar 5. Andrew 6. Levi 7. Stuart 8. Rebecca

EDIT:  The Standing for RTR NOBs now look like this:

1    Kieran    20
2    Nathan    13
3    Levi    11
4    Russ    10
5    Ben    8
6    Ross    7
7    Mark    4
8    Andrew    3
9    Amar    2
10    Louis    2
11    Nick    2
12    Simon    1
13    Maor    1
14    Rebecca    1
15    Joe    1
16    Stuart    1
17    Steve    1

Signups for NOBs V:

1. Ben

2. Marek

3. Ross

4. Mark





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I'm in for next week!

I'm back next week so sign me up!


Also, I know the RTR 3 Standings were:


1.  Nathan

2.  Tom

3.  Kieran

4.  Louis

5.  Andrew

6.  Maor

7.  Mark

Great.  Found this in NOBS 3.  Can anyone confirm it.  And who are Steve and Nick? I assume Jo is Jo Saxton?

The full order may have been

Kieran 12
Ross 12
Levi 12
Nick? 12 
Steve? 12
Mark? 9
JO? 9
Nathan 6

nick lovett


steve 'big dog' berstein

sweet, I updated the initial post with the current standings

how was the white trick we were discussing?

Happened to be particularly epic the one time I drew it against Levi.  He was on maybe 8 life.  I had Isperia, another 2/2 flyer and a couple of dorks on board.  He made a 3/3 flyer and put a +2/+2 enchantment on it.  When I attacked into it with Isperia, he knew I had it but didn't really have any choice but to block it.

You assume that first strike/lifelink makes more sense in a defensive capacity, but in my games there were many instances like that where it would have worked well on the offensive too.  I like having a trick or two so would definitely run it in a similar deck again, although it's probably at it's best in Selesyna.

Looking like I have to work late this week, so won't be able to make it for the NOBs draft.

Sorry  :(

That puts us down to a pitiful TWO attendees this week! Winston draft it is....

Not that it likely makes any difference since we've such a low turnout, but I now have to work late and can't come anyway! This week didn't really work out to well for the NOBs!

I'm going to give it a miss too!

What is that?

I would like to sign in, just let me know what is going on?;]

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