Demonic Tutor

Magic: the Gathering in the UK

I'm selling my CUbe, because frankly, all it does is sit there. 

It's 420 cards, plus 150 basics.

Pretty much every card in the cube is foil where possible, and usually in its most costly printing.

The basics are all foil old-bordered (Onslaught, Invasion, Masques etc).

Here's the card-list (now updated with edition, and foil/non-foil status):

If it were all to be bought on SCG today, it would come to $2428.25, or about £1600. I'm more than willing to negotiate on a price, so just make me an offer and we can discuss from there.

PM me with any questions, queries or offers.


EDIT: Just to give an inkling as to what's in the cube, Force of Will, Judge Demonic Tutor, Judge Maze of Ith, Judge Regrowth, FNM Mother of Runes, Judge Gemstone Mine, Judge Mishra's Factory. The list goes on.

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Right, well I want to get my bid in 1st!

£50 and a Toblerone!!!!!

There are some cards that I'm interested in, are you willing to split it or do you want to sell the whole thing together?

I'd like to sell the entire cube together, but failing that I'll be selling the contents off individually. I can PM you on Facebook if that becomes the case (:

Now being sold off as singles. PM me if there's anything anyone's interested in. Some of the stuff is gone, so i'll update the card list sometime soon.

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