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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Stevie B Magic Memorial BBQ and Games Day at Tiff's this Saturday

42 mins from Euston station 

It is cheaper to travel in a group (4 people can go for £7/each return) and also then I will pick people up, athough it's not a long walk. Unless you get lost. Then it's longer. 

Tom B sez: everyone try and get the 10:54 (to Leighton Buzzard)

Cubes, drafts and random board games with added food and shit.


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Ha ha - The bus I take to get to Hemel from work doesn't run on a Saturday.

Oh life - why do you mock me?!
public transport fail.

Come on James - fight it! Use the force. Cadge a lift!
Booked a cab - I've lost money today :-(

Tiff Leek said:
public transport fail.

Come on James - fight it! Use the force. Cadge a lift!

Anyone who is coming who fails to make the train or otherwise needs to communicate my number is 07917 052 356.

Sorry, couldn't make it due to prior commitments, but thanks for the invite. Let me or Dom know if you ever want to come along to FNM or anything else.

Tiff Leek said:
Aww booo. At least you can come here and do cheery things instead of sitting at the bottom of the garden eating worms. This seems good.

The train the london lot intend to catch goes through Hemel at 11:18 although that might be a bit close to escape from work in time for.. It is entirely up to you what you bring, although as prev. metioned there are supermarkets on the way to my house so that might be easier than bringing things from home. Or I can just get lots when I go and you can just bring a bit of cash.

Kevin - you are welcome to come and join the festivities. I guess with fannying around at shops we will be back at the house a bit after 12 so wandering along around then-ish would seem like the thing.
Very enjoyable, crazy people. I very much enjoyed Tiff's "lightning speed" Control, Jimmy Mills losing with such good grace as to make it seem like a victory, Warren threatening to kill people in particularly African ways, Ed sleeping on the floor in dust sheets, Mark celebrating his 35th year by legging it to the train in the dark, Kieran holding cards up to his nose and being unable to read his own die rolls and of course Stevie B putting himself out for everyone in most amenable fashion as always. Are you aware that when you say something that isn't a question, the player who first points out this fact gains control of Question Elemental?

Next time: (even) more pancakes, less "Lychee Wine".
lychee wine: never speak of this again.

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