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I've spent the last month or so working on a new web site to allow users to submit Magic Online drafts for review and approval by the magic community. It's all very Web 2 point wank, with a focus on community, ajax etc. Think crossed with twitter! I've come up with, what I hope is an interesting set of features, but I'm looking to see what you guys think and if you any suggestions for additional features.

Submitting Drafts

- Users can copy and paste the draft file created by Magic Online into the web site.

- They are presented with a screen to give their draft a title and description, and write a comment on each of their picks (the comment is optional).

- There is an area to write a short recap on each of the games.

- Submitting the draft presents a summary on the home page in a blog post like fashion, along with a link to the full draft.

Reviewing Drafts

- Other users can view a submitted draft without logging in.

- Pick by pick, they can decide if they agree or disgaree. A user needs to log in to do this.

- Disagreeing with a pick offers the user a drop down box where they can select the card from the pack that they would have chosen, alongside a short comment.

- This results in each pick getting an "Approval Rating" as a percentage of all of the users who agree with the pick.

- This results in the draft as a whole getting an Approval Rating, which is the average approval rating of all the picks.

- This results in the person who posted the draft getting an approval rating. This will be available in two forms, a percentage and a rating which also takes into account contribution over time, so that it wouldn't be possible for a person to just post one draft rated at 90% and go straight to the top of the table.

- Top Drafters will be shown in a table on the right hand side of all pages

My Profile

This need a bit more fleshing out, but users will be able to see all of their drafts, along with approval rating. They can also modify personal details etc.

Other Stuff

RSS Feed

The first two sections are 90% done with the remaining work being mostly UI focussed.

As I said at the beginning, I'm really looking for your opinions on this feature set and any suggestions you have for additional features.

If all goes to plan, I expect it to launch some time in January.

EDIT: Additional requirements from ideas/suggestions

- User comments on the draft as a whole, as well as individual picks.

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