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Hey guys, is finally available!  I'd really appreciate it if you guys could check it out, have a play around and let me know what you think.  You can use the site in one of two ways:

1. Submit your own MODO drafts, instructions are here:

If you choose to do this, your draft will be available for rating by the rest of the community.

2. Critique other peoples drafts.  On a pick-by-pick basis you can decide if you agree or disgaree.  This will cause the pick to get a rating, modify the overall draft rating and modify the members overall rating.

If you don't want to do either of these, then feel free to just check it out and read the draft recaps.  However, signing up will literally take 30 seconds of your time, no email confirmations or anything painful like that, just the basic details.  Register here:

While using the site, if you get an error page, then the problem will be automatically flagged with me.  For all other issues, cosmetic, usability, suggestions etc then please leave me a message here or send me an email:

I'm hoping to build up a bit of a community of contributors and critics.  So to kick it all off, I've submitted a couple of my own drafts.  Please head over to and let me know what you think.  I look forward to your comments!

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Feature request: display MY agreement percentage and whether or not I've rated draft in some way.
good idea Tom, request in.
I'm having a bit of an identity crisis about the name 'submityourdraft'. Thinking it might be a little lengthy, techy and doesn't really promote the site's unique selling point, rating. Thinking of making a name change to 'ratemydraft'. The word 'my' encompasses 'submityour' and it advertises the rating system. Maybe I should go a bit more crazy and invent a new word like thedrafterator or something! Open to suggestions...
Here's some interesting thoughts on Your vs My:
New build up this morning with these fixes/features:

* It was possible to lose pick comments due to a concurrency issue. This has been fixed.
* "you have rated X picks at Y%" indicator on each draft on the home page when logged in
* Logo links to home page
* Improved Error Reporting - user can say what they were doing at the time of the error
* Fixed a bug where Ajax requests were being received as GETs
* Added draft % to title in RSS feed
* Modified draft display on home page, now includes a picture of the first pick to add a bit more colour and identity to drafts.
U seen some of the competition. Rare draft.
I do like the new 'you have rated X picks' bit.
Simon Baldwin said:
I do like the new 'you have rated X picks' bit.

Cheers Simon, keep the suggestions coming!

Paul Young said:
U seen some of the competition. Rare draft.

Yeah I found this half way through development. It looks nice, but doesnt have any notion of rating and you don't seem to be able to just go to the site and look at drafts without logging in.
Put a few hours in today getting the following done:

* View Draft page, now only shows one pick per page, with the following additional information
- Previous Picks (images on the right side)
- Quick link to a particular pick/pack
- Direct link URL to each pick
* Seperate overall deck/comments page
* Draft introduction limited to 240 characters
* Overall draft comments now using Ajax, hopefully this fixes an issue Tom and Ross have noticed where they have had errors when submitting overall draft comments
* Sanitised Error Reporting
i like the new layout,
but when i get to the end of pack one i can't click next pack to go to pack 2 pick 1
Thanks for spotting this. I've just tried to get a new build up with a fix, but now having environmental problems. Should be up agian soon.

Thom Richardson said:
i like the new layout,
but when i get to the end of pack one i can't click next pack to go to pack 2 pick 1
ok all back up and running...

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