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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Hi all,

Myself and Cameron Veigel have recorded a new magical podcast.  It's been 18 months so probably a little rusty.  Looking forward to your feedback :)


Talking Crap!
A magical podcast
Episode 27!

This episode of Talking crap stars Levi Hinz & Cameron Veigel, bringing you opinions and insights you can happily ignore, or pass on to your children’s children.


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In this episode:

* Pro Tour Gatecrash Recap
* 4th Pro Tour Announcement
* Modern Musings

Starring: Levi Hinz & Cameron Veigel
Recording Date: Monday 18th February, 2013 (depending on who you ask)
Title & End song: The Arachnids - The Vulture
Running time: Approx 47 Minutes
File size: 45MB
Unofficial Rating: PG. Mild coarse language.

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