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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Hello Everyone,

Bazaar Games is going to be hosting a weekly Monday Night (6:30 Doors Open.) Modern Event at the Watford Social Club. Now, as some of you may know, this clashes with our Commander League. The Commander League will be moving to Thursday Nights. (6:30 Doors Open.)
Entry Fee:


Prize Structure:


Venue Address:

Watford Social Club  
70-72 Queens Road
WD17 2LA

Following on from the previous newsletter released earlier this week, Bazaar Games is continuing to bring a tournament scene to the Watford area with weekly Modern.


This tournament allows unlimited proxies currently, eventually this number will reduce lower and lower and there will be some events in the future with higher prize pools for decks with 0 proxies.

For those who are confused to what a proxy is, it is usually a piece of paper with the card printed on it, used to represent the card you wish to use instead of using the real card.

Proxies need to be printed out with all the rules text, mana cost, power/toughness, etc written clearly on the card.

For those who may be unfamiliar to Modern, a quick explanation is as follows:

Modern is a constructed format which players must bring a deck with at least 60 cards and may bring a sideboard with either 0 or 15 cards in it.

The Modern format consists of all Magic sets printed since the introduction of the modern card frame, starting with Eighth Edition. This includes Eighth Edition, Ninth Edition, Tenth Edition, Magic 2010,Magic 2011, Magic 2012, the Coldsnap expansion set, and the following blocks: Mirrodin, Kamigawa,RavnicaTime SpiralLorwynShadowmoorShards of AlaraZendikar, and Scars of Mirrodin.

Twenty-one cards are included on the banned list for Modern:

Modern isn't the only thing Bazaar Games is looking to be running in the near future. Soon players can enjoy Constructed Tournaments, Sealed Events, Multi-player Events as well as future Release and Pre-Release Events.
Come down to the Watford Social Club at 6:30pm every Monday for Magic: the Gathering Modern!

If you have any questions or queries, email me back at



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Shouta Yasooka's Tezzeret Deck. To be fair, i made some abysmal plays with Tumble Magnet, got to get into the habit of putting a dice on my deck or something. I'm interested in Birthing Pod or B/U Control. How about yourself?

I'm playing B/U control, but it bad maches again caw-blade and tempered steel are starting to make me reconsider.


No other deck really appeals to me though except non cawblade U/W control

Does it have bad matches against Cawblade? I like any u/w with Venser in it.
Mills unfortunately you are going to have to change the deck you are playing to have a shot against creature decks, maybe main deck black zenith, I know what ever anyone says you will play U/B but you need to be flexable.  Having done a small amount of testing (we really need to sort out an eve next week in london), that my deck will give any control deck a beating and have a shot against the creature decks but have a feeling just playing an agro deck might be mch better
If you want to do well, you need to separate out your love of pure control decks and just test shitloads with the format's best deck and play that. Go on results from US nats.
And, practice drafting of course, the six rounds of draft shouldn't be overlooked. (Oh and shameless advertising to boot!)

Just so everyone knows, we will be moving to the Watford Social Club as our venue from the 8th of August. Additionally the 'Doors Open' time changes form 7:30 to 6:30.

The new venue is more comfortable, closer to public transport and we are able to run the tournaments earlier.

Look forward to seeing some of you there!


Got a post code please Matt?
WD17 2LA, it's in the updated discussion thing above.
A change to the drafting! We have switched to Modern as everyone drafts these days, we want to spice things up a bit! For those heading to Amsterdam.. (Myself included.) There will be people to test with between rounds and when the tournament is over.

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