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Welwyn Garden City - Friday Night Games Club - Drafts for £6 - Bazaar Games


Our events are back and better than ever!

Starting 18th October, now located in our new premises in Welwyn Garden City our weekly events have moved to Fridays and we are offering some healthy discounts on entry fees.

For everyone - Your first four Friday events at our new location will have a reduction of £6 to their cost. i.e

Draft events become £6

Constructed events become FREE

For Drivers - If you drive to our Friday event, regardless of how many times you've previously attended, you will receive the £6 discount.

Our current event schedule is set on Theros Drafting until we gauge what the new player base are interested in, so be sure to check back here in the future as things will likely move to a mix of constructed and limited events.





We run a weekly club where we offer events for Magic the Gathering, Warhammer Invasion and Mage Wars whilst also offering a place for people to play casual games of whatever card game or board game they like.

 Remember to check out the "*Recommended Reading*" section below to check current card legalties and erratas.

* Current Schedule *

Date Magic Event Format Other event


(Discounts available, see below for further details )

18-10-13 Theors Draft TBC £12
25-10-13 Theors Draft TBC £12
01-11-13 Theors Draft TBC


08-11-13 Theors Draft TBC £12
15-11-13 Theors Draft TBC £12
22-11-13 Theors Draft TBC £12

* Times *

The club is run every Friday.
Doors open 6:10 with the intention of starting events at 7:30-7:45 allowing for casual games, EDH and other table top games to be played before the event starts

* Venue *

Our store in Welwyn Garden City: 

    Unit 7

    Martinfield Business Centre

    Welwyn Garden City, Herts

    Al7 1HG

Plenty of cheap local places to order take away from as well as drinks and snacks available on site. A great opportunity to come browse our selection of cards, sealed products and accessories.

* Event Details *

Magic: Currently our scheduled format will be Theors Draft until we have gauged our new player bases's preferences.

Warhammer Invasion & Mage Wars events will start again soon!

- Fees

****** Our Entrance Fee Discount Offers *******

Everyone receives a £6 reduction to their first four friday night events at our Welwyn Garden City store.

i.e: Drafts:            £6

Constructed:  FREE

 Drivers: In addition regardless of how many times you've attended, if you drive to a friday night event at our Welwyn Garden City store you willl receive the discount of £6 on all MtG events.


Generally speaking the entrance fees will be:

Magic the Gathering
Constructed £6

Limited £12

Warhammer: Invasion 


Mage Wars


These fees can change depending on the specific format I.e. if we draft an older format.

Entrance fees for both formats can be purchased through our site al... So feel free to trade all your jank rares stuck in your binder for 20% store credit and earn drafts from cards you'll never use!

You can sell your cards via our buylist builder or by browsing through our buylist.


Magic the Gathering

Prizes for the most part are awarded as such:

9 Points receives 3 Boosters
6 Points receives 2 boosters

This avoids odd prize distributions where people finishing on the same points in non 8 man pods receive different amounts of boosters

Warhammer Invasion
All Participants receive an extended art promo card.

The winner receives the 1st place promo card + an additional Warhammer branded prize.

The promo cards and additional prizes change depending on the Warhammer Invasion season.

Some examples of the additional prizes include Warhammer Invasion Card storage boxes and Playmats both featuring art from the game and exsclusive to the events.

Mage Wars
All Participants receive an alternate art promo card.

Winners of a game receive an additional Promo.




*Recommmended Reading*

Warhammer Invasion

The Warhammer Invasion FAQ containing banlist and card errata can be found here

The Warhammer Invasion video tutorals can be found here

The Warhammer Invasion Core Rulebook can be found here

Mage Wars

The Mage Wars tounament FAQ and card errata can be found here

The Mage Wars video tutorals can be found here

The Mage Wars rulebook can be found here


* Magic the Gathering - Possible Formats *

This is a long list of format's available, we're happy to schedule the formats people demand.

  We usually run the current draft format on limited weeks except the week before the pre-releases as it as this point people are unlikely to want to draft the old format.This week is usualy decided by a group choice of from the formats below.

Constructed weeks alternate between the current PTQ season format (Currently Standard) and one week of something else. Currently "Common and Uncommon only" Standard.

Possible formats include:
*Limited Formats*
-Draft (Current Draft Format)
-Draft (Older formats when available)
-Chaos Draft (Drafting with a range of boosters from lots of sets all at once....chaos!)
-Sealed - All variants listed above
-Intro Pack Sealed
-Deckbuilders Tool kit tournament (Start with a deck builders tool kit, each week for a month you may pay for one booster to be added to your pool and use it to change your deck)

Cube (Someone builds a cube by selecting cards from all of magic's history(approx 500 cards divided evenly among colours). "Packs" are created randomly from this pool of cards and drafted like any other format but obviously the twist being you may have a pack that includes a black lotus, a mox, a umezawa's jitte and even a vizzerdrix! This event is "Phantom" i.e. you don't keep the cards you draft)

Auction Draft:

4 Players pods

Each player has 3 packs

Each player has 300 points

Players take turns to open one pack and lay it on the table infront of everyone.

The players then take turns to bid on cards using their points. THe highest bidder loses the points he bid and gains the card.

This process continues till all packs and all cards are gone.


*Constructed Formats*
-Pauper (Just commons. Available with one of the above set legalities)

-Peasant (Just commons and Uncommons. Available with one of the above set legalities)
1 on 1 EDH (Commander)  Banned list :


We welcome all feedback so feel free to ring or email and of course head down Friday to discuss the shaping of the events.

See you all Soon


Dan Harborne

Bazaar Games - Manager

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