Demonic Tutor

Magic: the Gathering in the UK

There I fucking did it!!

BTW for me it's anything by Pink Floyd and Clutch at the moment.

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Her first single is bad enough to give people cancer but the 'Bulletproof' song is actually quite catchy and doesn't make me want to punch things when it comes on.

Florence and the machine is amazingly average.

Dan Barrett said:
I'm checking out this "La Roux" record.

It's like old-school Sonic the Hedgehog music with some bird with a ginger fauxhawk singing over the top of it.

Pretty catchy in a "i feel guilty because this is really poppy and i'm supposed to like heavy stuff" way.
This week I have been mostely listening to Cobalt!
Just discovered and loving Alabama 3.

I'm with James on La Roux, she sounds like she's strangling cats in the first single.

Team Annoying - Putting the "A" back in Annoying.
"Annoying, F**k Yeah."
Today it's Muddy Waters

Team Annoying - Putting the "A" back in Annoying.
"Annoying, F**k Yeah."
Terror ebm/Agrotech, Death metal
Cyclon 9
Napalm Death
Flesh Feilds
you get the gist.
loving the new Green Day album, the song Horseshoes and Handgrenades is AWESOME
Tinita Tikaram

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