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I don't really like sealed. It takes forever, it doesn't have the fun or cameraderie of the draft and if you open badly (or just misbuild your pool as I inevitably always do) then you're stuck having a terrible time all day. I do like drafts though, so I'm going to go to Saturday's release to try and get some drafts in.

Problem is, it's a release, so the drafts are unlikely to fill up until halfway through when the people who hate their decks have dropped out and I don't want to be there for four hours with nothing to do. So is anyone else tempted to go soley for draft? Or could be persuaded to ignore the sealed and spend the morning EDHing, cubing, drinking etc. until the drafts are ready?

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I used to really hate sealed, now I sometimes like it and sometimes dislike it.

Filling in reg sheets is definitely the low point of any tournament experience.

Team sealed is the fix. For pre releases....?

Sealed is awesome.  You are all wrong.

+1 team sealed

team sealed is so good but sealed is just to high variance for to high cost right now

Levi Hinz said:

Sealed is awesome.  You are all wrong.

+1 team sealed

I definitely remember you saying so in Utrecht...

Levi Hinz said:

Sealed is awesome.  You are all wrong.

+1 team sealed

Hahaha I was having such a terrible time.

I sure do remember loving team sealed.  I guess that was before I hated all people ever.

Regular sealed though is fantastic.

i think we can all agree they should bring back block con ^_^

I love Sealed.  Registering someone else's pool is fairly dull but other than that taking forever is a bonus - more Magic!

I hate all Constructed.  I hate it being about preparation and knowing whether to cycle Azorius Charm or not because you've played this matchup 7000 times.  Obviously Sealed and Draft have things to learn but Constructed seems that much more repetitious.

Team anything gives me the heebie jeebies ... still waiting to be won over on that one.

There are drafts at 11.30 and 3 at cfb tomorrow and I am going to join the 12pm Sealed.  That's how much I love Sealed!

Block constructed is fun, but they don't design for it like they used to. I'm not sure it would be good for a ptq season.
I do think that constructed is better suited to high stakes, single events, than casual fun. You have to want, and be able to practise a lot. Its also more fun when the format is new and you can't net deck

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