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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Date: Saturday 3rd March - 12 noon

Where: Games Club - County Hotel


The idea:  

* You design and submit 45 Magic cards in Magic Set Editor format

* Send finished cards to

* So do 7 other people

* We print them all out, shuffle into boosters

* draft and enjoy!


From comments in other threads it seems like there is definitely some desire to do this again. I personally had loads of fun, both designing and playing with the cards.


Threads from 1st time around:

You Make the Draft I - Initial thread 

You Make the Draft I - Preliminaries

You Make the Draft I - Aftermath (includes link to visual spoiler of all created cards)

You Make the Draft II - Initial thread

You Make the Draft III - Aftermath


Things we learnt from the first time & suggestions:

  • Mixing "normal" and "funny" cards. Obviously we had the laughs but they tend not to be so funny the second time round
  • No planeswalkers. Having 8 untested planeswalkers in a draft can be pretty lopsided, especially as people tend not to design simple answer cards as they are dull
  • Similarly maybe we went too heavy on super power mythic bombs
  • Cards must have art (designer secret - finding lots of art first inspires lots of ideas for cards!)
  • Card designs should be scrutinised by somebody after submission to fix obvious rules/power issues
  • Having a theme or mechanic would really help tie the set together and help design cards
  • Someone has to design the sensible artifact/enchantment removal. I know they can be boring, but I'm sure there is interesting ways to do it


In the YMtD II there was some consensus that people wanted to design a big block of cards in a particular colour. We could certainly approach it this way.


Interested Parties:

  1. Simon
  2. Tom
  3. Kieron 
  4. Glenn
  5. Tim

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Okay I've printed all of Kieron's, Glenn's and my cards. Took bloody forever, and had wait for director to finish with the printer and leave :-)

I'll bring a pair of scissorcs tomorrow.

I may be wrong, but I don't think there is a madhouse person at the venue for trades tomorrow, everyone is in Lille. You'd better hope there are enough sleeves in the cupboard.

They've already been arranged :)

Ever efficient. :)

Report please!

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