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So, what's the plan for this.  I'll either clear out Multiverse or add multiple set capability to it in the next few days.

But let's do some predesign(tm).  What's the plan for this set?

What's the theme?

Update: Multiverse now has the Wedges set in it.  Please do contribute - all are welcome to add cards or just comment on cards created by others!

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also, the tryptich's are all basically the same, I think reprinting the alara fixing is probably good enough? panoramas, tri lands & obelisks?

We have Obelisks and Trilands already. Aaron Forsythe did say that the panormas were not good enough fixing for limited, so the Triptychs are my take on them. Remember we are creating a highlander format at the moment, so won't have multiples of common fixers, so that is why we need to create more than usual.

Paul Hodgson said:

also, the tryptich's are all basically the same, I think reprinting the alara fixing is probably good enough? panoramas, tri lands & obelisks?

I've been looking at how the mechanics interact, and I think Soulswap probably has to go. If you look at the colour pairings, where two colours appear in two 'adjacent' wedges, there should probably be some interaction between them, and Soulswap is the  opposite of what you want in either WBR or GUB. The ability is slow and requires sorcery-speed creature sacrificing, neither of which an aggressive overwhelm deck is looking for. There is even more of an issue with the Surge decks because they want their powerful effects to be spells (so you can Surge your guys when you cast them), whilst Souslwap wants them on creatures (so you can swap them for creatures with better stats). Not sure what could replace it, though – especially as all the good graveyard effects have already been done…

Maybe NOT having synergy across wedges helps keep the wedges defined?  Probably makes the drafting worse, though.

What about Delve?  Maro is always going on about trying to find a home for Delve.

I did consider Delve, but then realized it's probalby the worst ability to have in multiples since one card gets a discount and then the rest are overcosted!

Did have a kind of idea to modify Souslwap so the creatures all have X +1/+1 counters put on them when they come into play and you can cast them from the graveyard by removing X +1/+1 counters from your creatures. Would be way better with Surge.

Do we really want every mechanic to be synergistic, though?

Detain doesn't have anything to do with Overload which doesn't have anything to do with Unleash and RTR gest along just fine.

If we make them all synergize the only deck will be 5 color good synergy, won't it?

Also Delve is great if you have enough enablers.  Mill 20 - get 4 really good spells on the cheap.

I suppose you're right and they don't really need to work well together at all as long as they work! I guess I'm still stuck in Towerfall aftermath mode where there was no synergy between colours at all and you mostly ended up in mono-colour decks!

We could always just create a few Delve cards and mix them in for now, and then when we do the first playtest, see how it compares to Soulswap. Plus Delve and Soulswap interact nicely! I think we want to try and find two 'archetypes' for each wedge to create some interesting decks ala Innistrad.

Coupla comments (apologies for not having much time to be on MV this week) from the last few comments:

1] If we want a "Wedges Feel" then I think that having fixing outside the wedges, like 5c fixing lands, is a bad idea because it will mean colour bleed, and all the powerful cards will get splashed by other wedges. If we have 3c fixing lands, a little of this will still happen, but if you were to print a Transguild Promenade style land at common, that would mean people splashing all sorts of things outside their wedge.

2] Also, regarding Delve, currently it's just "Delve"on real-world MTG cards and very swingy (Tombstalker for 2 etc,). Could we have Delve Cardtype X instead - obviously there will be fewer cards that can be "paid" for each spell, but you could then easily have more Delve cards in one Delve deck, synergising with any "fill the 'yard" cards...

Also the discount could be more than one per card delved, as indicated by the X. So:

Delve Sorcery 2 would discount the CMC by 2 for each sorcery removed this way, but you couldn't remove any other type of card...

For some reason I can't create new cards, also when I do click on new there are no headings or drop downs?  I have cleared my cookies but still no dice

What browser are you using?

I remember someone having the same problem first time round and I think it was a browser issue. I use Firefox and it is fine in that.

Glenn are you using Internet Explorer 8?

It doesn't support the placeholder attribute on inputs so it will show only blank boxes.

I advise using an actual web browser from this decade.

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