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So, what's the plan for this.  I'll either clear out Multiverse or add multiple set capability to it in the next few days.

But let's do some predesign(tm).  What's the plan for this set?

What's the theme?

Update: Multiverse now has the Wedges set in it.  Please do contribute - all are welcome to add cards or just comment on cards created by others!

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just as a starting point, shall we have 5 generals so to speak of 1 for each wedge, that way we can start creating based on that flavour, maybe each has a different way of ruling and gaining power, even just an outline for each might help as a starting point. eg eric's rath, eric's vengance, eric's tea, eric's favorite steed

just an thought that might give the set a bit of flavour, obv they would be 5 mythic legends in there own right.

Maybe one can be all about gaining land, that would fit in with a sub land theme

I like the five generals but if you look at the wedge generals they created for Commander it is clearly as hard as hell to make a wedge-colored creature that makes any kind of sense at all :)

The name of the designer doesn't seem to be there for the new set. Now I don't know who to blame for making broken cards!

Thom that may be true but it would help with the feel of the set, the problem I had last time was making lots of independant cards that had little or no interaction with others, I know we (well you guys) did this towards the end,  I just feel we should set out a plan for how best to do this rather than rattle of a load of cards then wedge them into a theme later.

I would suggest a clearer defined process this time and then we can use it again in the future.

Another completely mental idea I had was that we do a cycle of sets and each set is one colour, and have themes within each colour, again just a thought

How about enemy coloured legends with an activated ability with the middle colour in the activation cost & flavour?

How about everyone think up a sweet legendary creature for each wedge (or for each one where you can think of something anyway!). Then we can use our favourite legend from each wedge as the basis for the flavour and abilities of that particular wedge. Then we can just retire the others.

Made one, thoughts?

All I can think off now is making a spider baby (father ted) card
Paul Hodgson said:

Made one, thoughts?

When I click new i don't get any headers just some blank boxes

There are no headers Glenn but there is prompt text that tells you what to put in each box.  Do you not see that? Are you using some terrible ancient browser like Internet Explorer 8?  Don't do that!

One-upped you all, Legendary Creature-wise

Okay awesome work on the multiple set stuff Tom.

I think we are going to have to refer to Shards of Alara for a fair bit of inspiration, in terms of how heavily to handle tri coloured cards. I know Wizards have gone back and said that they definitely made some mistakes with Alara, I'll see if I can dig out some articles.

I assume we are going to want to support hybrid mana in this set. I tried making a card with it but it just disappeared into the aether when I submitted it. I assume the error checking killed it. Tom can you add some defined way for us to add hybrid mana cards? I'd suggest the same formatting Magic Set Editor uses:

W/U = one hybrid white or blue mana

R/W/U = one hybrid red, white or blue mana

Was their any consensus on whether this set was a cube or set?

I'm guessing cube style was the choice, but did we want to go with the idea of holding some cards back each to add a bit of newness for everyone when playing?

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