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Heads or Tails


Any player may play another player at heads or tails at the games club. If the initiating player wins 5 flips in a row they may declare themselves the winner of this game of nomic. If they lose, they loose 30 points.


Player may not initiate this challange with 0 points.

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I vote yes on this - the chances of winning this way are so low you'd be crazy to try it.
I think "no".

By the time we reach ~900 points that gives you 30 tries to hit 2^5 (1 in 32 or 3.125%). That is, if you are going to lose soon then you have a good chance of stealing the game by just doing this until you run out of points or win.

Also, we may push the amount of points required to win higher, which would make this an even more effective tactic.

Or maybe a mad sequence of 20 "heads or tails" attempts at getting 5 in a row to steal the game would be fun when Kieran is about to take the title? I guess the remaining votes will decide ...
This rule is passed. No points are awarded.
Actually, this is defeated - there were only two votes and no consensus was reached.

Thomas David Baker said:
This rule is passed. No points are awarded.


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