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How would you build this Theros Sealed pool?

Do you think the pool is good, bad or indifferent?

The rares are: Ember Swallower, Anax and Cymede, Prophet of Kruphix, Akroan Horse, Nykthos Shrine to Nyx and Temple of Silence.

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Green Blue, splash black got me to about 26 playables without counting amulets.  I can't see much to pull me into the other two colours and the fixing is decent.  I'd say the deck is of reasonable power level, though it's relying on deathtouch creatures as removal.  I'd be happy going 3-1 in a daily with it.

Thanks Joe. This was my GP Sacramento pool.

I went GUw splashing 2 x Divine Verdict and occasional sideboarded Last Breath and Ray of Dissolution. Every match felt like an uphill struggle. I won the Akroan Horse mirror via waiting for 9 lands to protect Horizon Scholar with Dissolve. I won an Akroan Horse-based game via decking. Every time they sided into a more aggressive deck they beat me. I ended up 5-4 and pretty miserable. Double Chaos Draft the next day was much more fun.

I think I would play all 5 colours ... Lean on early green, black for the death touch dude, and white for Devine verdict ... Then play all my good threats across the colours ...

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