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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Undoubtedly you've seen XtremeTrades XCON event coming up on the 1st Dec.  The PTQ is sealed and the prize support is cool (Kindles for 2nd - 4th, £100 credit for 5th-8th).  However you do pay for it in the entry price.  On the day it's a whopping £39, but if you prereg before 27th Nov it's a more palatable £32:

Worth doing if you are planning on attending

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So... sealed RTR tips then?  Number 1 is obviously open Pack Rat... what next?

I haven't played any sealed but am a bit concerned there seems to be a lot of expensive removal, a few 6 costers, are all these good in sealed, is sealed as fast as draft?

hey ben, could i possibly grab a lift out of Ipswich? forecast looks van friendly. we can negotiate a meeting point, but i live next to the copdock tescos, which is right on the way to Colchester anyway.

@Glenn: let's drink profuse amounts of alcohol on saturday.

Play Pack Rat?

Ben Titmarsh said:

So... sealed RTR tips then?  Number 1 is obviously open Pack Rat... what next?

Yeah that's cool Josh.  Will send you my number on facebook.

Mizzium Mortars is the second best card to open in RTR Sealed I think.  Kills basically anything early.  Kills basically everything late.

LSV says play your bombs even if it makes your mana sketchy.

drop beats not bombs

Me and Dingler opened a practice sealed on the train to Cardiff - two pack rats and a mizzium mortars.

tough call - 38 swamps + 2 pack rat or 24 swamp, 2 pack rat, 13 mountain and a Mizzium Mortars?

30 Swamps

5 Moutains

2 Pack Rats

1 Mizzium Mortars

1 Electrickery

1 Gore-house Chainwalker


does anyone actually go crazy and play the 2 pack rat deck, 38 swamp deck.

Okay looks like I can make this after all, I'll aim for the same train as Paul and Levi and hope Phil still has a spot in  his car. I might even get an alpha version of our wedges set printed out.

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