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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Undoubtedly you've seen XtremeTrades XCON event coming up on the 1st Dec.  The PTQ is sealed and the prize support is cool (Kindles for 2nd - 4th, £100 credit for 5th-8th).  However you do pay for it in the entry price.  On the day it's a whopping £39, but if you prereg before 27th Nov it's a more palatable £32:

Worth doing if you are planning on attending

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Looks like I won't be on the train any more, but assuming Paul is.

i should just about be able to fit you in simon, but the three of you in the back seat are not going to be especially comfortable lol

70 people pre-registered

Change of plan for me... frost is a bigger killer than rain when it comes to rust so the van must remain in the garage :(

Any lift on offer?  Either from London or Colchester station?

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