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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Undoubtedly you've seen XtremeTrades XCON event coming up on the 1st Dec.  The PTQ is sealed and the prize support is cool (Kindles for 2nd - 4th, £100 credit for 5th-8th).  However you do pay for it in the entry price.  On the day it's a whopping £39, but if you prereg before 27th Nov it's a more palatable £32:

Worth doing if you are planning on attending

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anyone else getting the train on saturday? Looks like a bit of a trek from the station to the new store!

it's about 15 min in a cab, the bus takes about 50 mins as goes here there and everywhere before hand.

Paul Hodgson said:

anyone else getting the train on saturday? Looks like a bit of a trek from the station to the new store!

Oh bugger, how inconvenient.

Cab with me Paul?  We'll look for anyone wearing a backpack and rope them in as well :)

levi if you arrive at the same time as paul i'll pick you up from the station as well

Sounds great to me.  Do you have a time set already?

there's an 8am train from liverpool street that arrives at 8:46, so going to try and get that one!

Holy cow, Liverpool st is super-super-convenient to me!  You mean I don't have to get up at 6am for this PTQ?  *pumps fist*


I'll likely be on that train with you.  Seems a bit early for a 10am start, but can get breakfast I suppose.

yeah if i pick you up from the station at 9 we should have plenty of time. i'd like to err on the safe side of timings though as if theres a delayed train/sudden traffic/no parking/etc we don't want to end up too late.

if its more convenient we could do it a bit later? i wouldn't particularly want to pick you up any later than 9.30 though. the advantage of 9 is that we can stop at Waitrose to buy nice breakfast and lunches, for example.

I guess the real question is who is up for some after magic beers in town (obv this won't apply to the people who are x-1, this will be basically lose early and gone right?)

Realistically I can beer until about 7, off to a party with the missus later on, wasn't able to negotiate a longer pass due to being out of the country for 3 months...

Work on your negotiation skills.

Also I am keen for beers if I'm X-2.  Ideally while playing, it was a pretty sweet to be able to do this in Dundee :D

the only issue is with the venue is the lack of a pub nearby but a cab to somewhere near the station could work for a few of us, when I lose a 2nd match I'll drop so beers after that.

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