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Anyone wanna play cube on Tuesday at the club. No more modern masters for me and I don't wanna RTR. I haven't go a cube so I'm really asking for 7 friends and a cube!

1. Ross
2. Kieran

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You really need to get your cube made! Then you could entice people with the prospect of playing with Talon Trooper again. My cube is finally unpacked so is definitely available!

I can bring mine:

Might need to update it for Gatecrash if I can find my cards after moving house :-)

that would be awesome

I'm down for cubing

Is this happening?  I could be persuaded to cube.  Will show up by 7.

i am hopeful well get enough ... bring a cube

Thanks all for playing. In an effort to continue tracking data on my cube I'm trying to ensure I make a note of decks and results for a draft. What I can piece together from last night:

Simon (U/R Control) - bt Tom, Kieran, Ross, lost Andy

Louis (Naya Aggro) - bt Tom, Kieran, Ross, Andy

Tom (Reanimator) - lost to all except Ross (didn't play)

Ross (Esper Control) - 

Andy (Grixis Kiki/Perstermite) - bt Simon, Tom

Kieran (GWB Planeswalkers) - bt Tom, Ross

Correct me if I have any of these wrong or if you have any comments on my cube (cards you liked, cards you didn't, things that should be cut)

I lost to Kieran and you but beat any ... Didn't play tom or Louis ... Thanks for Bringing your cube ... More next week anyone?

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