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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

cube draft at the games club next week - tuesday 15th jan


1 ross

2 kieran

3 ben

4 andrew

5 nathan

6 tom

7 simon

8 amar

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Count me in.

Cube drafts rule. Return to Ravnica was frankly disappointing as a draft format. I expect better from Gatecrah, though, because it has all the best guilds in it.

I'd be interested too!

Are we going to do the same as last time? i.e. pay normal draft entry price, get a box of boosters then you get one each and one per win, round robin?  Or did we just crack them all and draft the pack rares at the end? 

Whose cube are we using?

ben's cube


don't mind how we dish out prizes

I've detailed here the changes I'm making for RTR.  Think I have most of these cards, but will find out when I sort it out tonight!

Note: There are still some bugs!  If you get an error when loading a page please just refresh for now.

Hey I'd like to do this if there is still space?


Amar Dattani said:

Hey I'd like to do this if there is still space?
Sorry, was just reminded I arranged to meet friends for dinner tomorrow. As much as I'd like to cube I can't cancel on them now so I will have to drop out if tomorrows draft.

Hope we do it again soon, I really enjoyed it last time.

Cube looks sweet Ben.  Looking forward to it.

Cool :)  For the RTR additions I am missing:

Desecration Demon

Detention Sphere

Angel of Serenity

Ash Zealot

Probably too late now but thought I'd post in case anyone can bring them along.

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