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Darksphere Cube Masters Series II (CANCELLED)


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same here, are we on?

If Warren's event is not on, we can always hold something with my cube/Tom's cube.

I'm not saying step in and run the event with my cube instead of Warren's, but just meet up on Sunday and play some cube anyway.

yeah I'll be up for that Si

Since I've kept the Sunday free anyway, it would be good to do something cube-like anyway even if the event gets cancelled.

Okay well let's organise the contingency plan now just in case.

Are people okay with the usual Penderells Oak?

Or can you just turn up to Darksphere and play there? (I've never been)

oak is fine with me tbh

Hi all,

It's bad news I'm afraid. I've been asked to work this weekend, and despite spending the last 3 days trying to convince the boss to use someone else instead, I'm not going to be able to get out of it.

This means that I'm going to have to postpone this event once again. My sincerest apologies to those of you who pulled strings to free up this date.

The good news is you can all still play at the Darksphere venue anyway using someone elses Cube, or perhaps a small EDH tournament or something if you so wished.

I'm so sorry guys.


Hey Warren,

Sorry to hear that. Was looking forward to it.

I'm happy to use my cube instead, if people want to go ahead and keep everything else the same. I don't know what the deal was with Prize Support and if Warren was providing that himself?

I only recently overhauled my cube so I don't have a current list, but it is NOT powered, and is approximately 500 cards, so will behave differently to Warren's.

Hey man, no worries, let's lock in a new date and get some buzz around it again.

Si - Penderell Oak is probably warmer & has this thing called beer available? Prize support last time was crowdsourced, we all chipped in foils, Warren got us all a foil fire/ice participation prize, Ben put up a 1st issue of Scrye magazine and I think Phil threw in 2 3d cards as well

I love drafting different cubes, happy to do so at the Perndrall Oak.


I guess the start time will be about noon? Also I have loads of foils to chip in for prizes including a playset of foil Ancient Ziggurat and a signed foil unhinged swamp.


Bad news that Warren can't make it after putting in the effort to arrange the whole thing!

Happy to go to the Oak since beer + cube = good times. I'll see what I can find for prizes too.

Oh my god, how did I forget the beer!

Okay Penderells Oak it is. Let's aim for 11am, that way the tardy players will probably roll in a little later and we can start around noon. Should get at least two drafts in then in case we want to swap cubes.

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