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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

What do you guys think?
Poster I designed for my local card-game shop to promote the format.. obviously could be used in other places too :)

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and i just realised there are two different blacks! do ignore this, it'll be fixed now :p
Very nice. The black areas at the side of the Bolas pic seem a bit random, could you photoshop extend the bolas pic into these spaces?

Get Rofellos on there!
Nice. Who is the guy with the ball of lightning?
hehe i guess i could add rofellos if the artwork is easy to photoshop out :p
and i tried to see what there was to do with the bolas background but it'll be really hard to clonestamp it so it doesnt look really really cheap... i guess i could change it to something more exciting though, like more generals or something :

the guy with the ball of lightning is Maga, Traitor to Mortals.
He's frequently used as a general for monoblack decks :)
Nice! Though I get the feeling you love blue just a bit more than the other colours ;)

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