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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

It's that time of year again. The Premiership will soon be upon us.

If you want to play my Fantasy Football game or know anyone that does, let me know!

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Paulinho was also for free and is a BARGAIN, I don't think you could argue against Negredo other than he's going to be competing for games but thats what makes Boruc an interesting proposition! 

I had persie at 35m for a while, so v happy to get him at 30 when Simon bid so close too :)

Ah yeah, Paulinhoo too, missed him and yeah he's a good freebie... I see someone in Div 4a managed to spend 73 million on two players... quite the gambit!  

My brother once bought Thierry Henry for 75M (he came fourth, I think).

With 8 players and only 11.5m left I do feel a bit outgunned for the remaining rounds!

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