Demonic Tutor

Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Current Banned List

Chancellor of the Annex
Calciform Pools
Mishras Factory

Current Winners

Simon (wk1)

Round 1 thread

Same deal as before, email your decklists to


The Tabernacle At Pendrell Vale
Tomb of Urami
Dreadship Reef
Molten Slagheap

Talon Trooper
Cavern of Souls

The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale
Dark Depths
Urborg Tomb of Yawgmoth
Strip Mine

Saprazzan Skerry
Fog Bank
Invisible Stalker
Force of Will

Steel Golem
Mishra's Workshop
Strip Mine

Black Lotus
Laboratory Maniac
Force of Will
Gitaxian Probe

Black Lotus
Laboratory Maniac
Force of Will
Gitaxian Probe


Simon 16
Tom 16
Kieran 8
Louis 8
Thom 8
Levi 3
Ross 0

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Well, I sent my list off for round 3. Feeling better about this one

Phil you are right about the Lab Maniac mirror.  You should enter!  You know how the winning deck works better than one of the winners.

Proud to be the first person to take points off Simon!

Round three is here with new all singing all dancing all time table:

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