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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Let's do this online on DT.

We can change the number of cards from four if we think the format is too well explored already?  Or maybe that doesn't matter as everything dominant gets banned quickly anyway?


Simon 18

Kieran 10

Charlie 10

Tom 7

Levi 7

Louis 4

Ross 0


Cavern of Souls
Force of Will
Merfolk of the Pearl Trident

Saprazzan Skerry
Fog Bank
Invisible Stalker
Force of Will

Sand Silos
Force of Will
Misthollow Griffin
Pact of Negation

Chancellor of the Annex
Calciform Pools
Mishras Factory

Slippery Bogle
Cavern of Souls
Leyline of Sanctity
Chancellor of the Annex

Leyline of Sancity
Chancellor of the Forge
Chancellor of the Annex

Talon Trooper

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Louis v Charlie (LL)

1/1 outraced by 2/3.

Louis v Ross (WW)

Talon Trooper countered.  Bogle takes it home.

Charlie v Ross (WW)

Talon Trooper countered.  Goblin token takes it home.

Kieran could hold off on casting Griffon to keep charging Silos, but has to stop once my Pools reach 7 so he can pay for Annex in case I cast the Chancellor and he wants to counter, or he can double counter using Pact, but then loses to Dismember.

Final standings:

Simon 15 + Kieran result

Kieran 12 + Simon result

Charlie 10

Tom 7

Levi 6

Louis 4

Ross 0

Mostly convinced by Simon and Louis that Simon wins versus Kieran for a 100% record in games.  Wowzers.  Final scores in the original post.

Yeah Simon, Kieran has to be able to counter Dismember and Chancellor as he cannot win a beatdown race. However, if he resolves griffin first he can only counter 1 threat on your turn (ie he loses). If he waits for you to make the first move you just win with Factory beats.

Watch out though because TT is still legal next round

Can't I just play Fog Bank, Force his Force, and force the draw? 

Thomas David Baker said:

Levi v Kieran (LL)

This one is somewhat hard to work out.  Ultimately Levi resolves Invisible Stalker but not Fog Bank one way or another.  Kieran then makes the Griffin a few turns later but wins the race due to 3 power versus 1 power.  If Levi keeps Force back for the first casting of the Griffin then Kieran can make sure he has nothing in play.  Kieran still wins the same race on the draw.  I think.

Makes sense to me, on both the play and the draw.

Levi Hinz said:

Can't I just play Fog Bank, Force his Force, and force the draw? 

Thomas David Baker said:

Levi v Kieran (LL)

So that puts me at 7 points

vs Ross WW
vs Tom DD
vs Louis DD
vs Kieran DD
vs Charlie DD
vs Simon LL

Which is basically the exact result I was going for :D

e:  I'm going I have to think harder next round to see how I can ensure no losses.  My goal is DD every round while still having the capacity to beat a goldfish (i.e. Ross)

Way to go Fog Bank! The real challenge is surely to beat everyone EXCEPT Ross. Then we can get Talon Trooper banned!

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