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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Dan Royde 8-1 at the end of Day 1.


Anyone else we know representing?  Dan told me that a group of British players that were Q'ed for the PT were doing the GP+PT thing in Pennsylvania but I didn't see any familiar names in a quick scan.  And of course they are all marked as being from the USA because is ... not always brilliant.



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I played twin. With $15 disrupting shoals. 


The DQ is a bit wierd- the guy who got DQ'd has been staying with us in the US, so I know him a bit. Somehow I need to commiserate with him while not stressing how much it helped me. I knew I needed someone to get DQ'd today, I just didn't expect it to be someone I knew.

How awkward.  You'll have to celebrate your tie breakers or something :)


Congrats, though.

now, 7 points required at the team competition...


I understand why you didn't send the twin list now though

I really wish I'd managed to convince my last opponent in the GP last weekend. 6 seems a lot less than 7 right now.


what happened on day 1/day2 of the gp? matchups + brief summary (1-2 lines for each game)

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