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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Good day chaps

I am wondering who's going for the whole weekend? Also how's everyone getting there? Does anyone have any room in a tent (not to sure if anyone actually gets any kip or if you can just crash mid draft in front of your oppenent, done that one at gencon a few times)?
any info would be much appreciated

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Glenn just man up - someone's got to fill those 430am lorwyn drafts!
I am more than happy to "man up" but not sure Lorwyn is where it's at, I once managed 4 days no sleep at gencon, the late night unglued drafts are where it's at or random team events.
The secret to staying up all night - big bottle of Orange Tango, pint cans of stella and coffee (I never drink coffee)
you can stay in my tent if you can set it up - i definitely cant be bothered to (:
are there any hotels nearby? or only tents?
There are two or three chain type hotels 5-10 mins away down a very dark footpath (take a torch! I used my mobile but I would have rather had a proper device). I think there was a Best Western and a Premier Travel Inn ... something like that. You should probably book in advance and/or even check in in advance as they are pretty out-of-the-way and not used to 3am arrivals if my experience is anything to go by (had to do a bit of convincing to get in the door).
I think I will just crash at the venue or just man up and drink through the night, putting my opponents in the ptq off with a multitude of various smells!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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