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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Antti Malinn in the 0-2 bracket then Travis Woo in the 1-2 bracket.

Poor Charlie.

3-3 going into Round 7 is pretty respectable though for the first time out.

You'll win the next one :)

Do tell us all about it.

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Any ideas what deck he played? 
No idea what deck. Looks like he dropped at 3-4 before the last round of the day.

Not a great day for the English ... Dan Gardner ended with 7 points and I don't think any of our 5-10 representatives made Day 2 :(

Although from Dan Barrett's latest tweet it sounds like some English people are having fun in Amsterdam ...
Amar apparently made top 8 in the 200 man PTQ... any more details on this dude?
Grover played Doran, minus the Treefolk Harbingers that the top 8 decks had, but otherwise fairly similar I understand.

Amar almost made two top 8's, as he was 5-1 with two rounds to go in the second PTQ but unfortunately lost both of the last two rounds.

Rebecca won the 'Win a copy of FtV: Exiled & FtV: Relics plus infi boosters' tournament, beating Tiago Chan in the last round.
Yeah. The PT didnt go so well. I lost r1 to my fae opponent who tried really really hard to punt, but then made mistbind mistbind cryptic cryptic after trying to agony warp a 4/4.... r2 made a bad decision with my t2 double thoughtseize and then got a bad draw in game 3. r3 I won against Anti cos he isnt very good.. r4 this was the worst. Playing vs travis (obv living end) game 1 I think I have him when he tries to go off and I knight for my md bojuka bog.. he lets it resolves, cycles 3 street wraiths, and swampwalks me out. I kill them, but he goes off again and has leyline of the void since early on so my original guys dont return. g2 mull to 5 despite boarding in like 10 hate spells can never win. r5 easy win.

Draft went pretty well. I had a good deck with bad filler but amazing first 20 cards. Win round 1 against carlos romao (world champion number 2 goes down :D) but then manaflood against an atrocious RB deck g2 and 3, where either times I just need to draw a 4/4 (in my green deck) or my sword of vengeance to win. But fail, and drop at 3-4, but im pretty sure I should have played the last round with my solid deck.

Amar sadly misplayed g1 or 2 (dunno which) of his quarters with a solid deck to lose. Fireball is complicated, people!
Pretty sweet that you beat two former world champions in your first PT (of many!) Look forward to watching you on the Top 8 webcast at the next one :)
Not quite on the same level, but Andrew Buchanan beat my (admittedly awful) draft deck in the final of the GPT Florence Top 8.
Congrat to all those who done well. Ben, you are getting closer and closer to winning proper. Better luck next time.

Ben Titmarsh said:
Not quite on the same level, but Andrew Buchanan beat my (admittedly awful) draft deck in the final of the GPT Florence Top 8.
I hate Fireball.

I won game 1 of my q/f and then mulled to 5 game 2. Basically at a crucial moment I completely tilted and forgot fireball splits damage evenly and therefore did 2 damage to a 3 toughness Air Servant.

This led to me losing the game rather than having a chance to win.

Game 3 I drew 7 lands in a row when all I needed was to draw one of my 3 outs to win. But my opponent had the negate so I don't think it would have mattered anyway.

You can see my top 8 draft deck here

The 2 unknown cards are lightning bolt and fireball.

In the Saturday PTQ I was 5-1 and needed to win my next round so I could ID into the Top 8, but obviously go on to lose the next 2 matches. Fail.

But I had an awesome weekend overall.
I went 2-6-1 in sanctioned events (pro-tip: don't play decks/formats cold at a large event and expect to do any winning), but won a load of games with my new cube, which was good. Soul Manipulation returning Mulldrifter is sexy as.

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