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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Dan was talking about booking a hotel. I can't make it to GPT tomorrow, but count me in still. Let me know what the details are in this thread.

At FNM Mark was also looking to book somewhere. Are there any more spaces Dan?

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all booked up, and several pieces of good news:

- was only 110 each in the end

- only have to pay half now (other half when we check in) so you two only owe me £55 each

for the rest of you:

- they still have more rooms available, including more of the 3-bed ensuites

- the chick who answers the phone sounds quite hot
Someone let me sleep on the floor
My room has no floor. It does have an airlock.
I will probably go down either Fri night or Sat morning. If I can get a good deal for both nights, happy to share.
if anyone could tell me where i should book an hotel thatd be nice cause im planning on coming...

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