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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Final Table:

                     P  W  L GW GL Pts
Rob Stanjer          6  6  0 12  1  18
Daniel Royde 7 5 2 11 6 15
Paul Young 5 3 2 7 6 9
Glenn Goldsworthy 3 2 1 4 4 6
Thomas David Baker 6 1 5 2 10 3
Amar Dattani 4 1 3 4 6 3
Ben Titmarsh 3 1 2 3 4 3
Kieran Symington 3 0 3 1 6 0


Rob 2 - 0 Dan
Tom 2 - 0 Glenn
Rob 2 - 0 Kieran
Dan 2 - 0 Kieran
Rob 2 - 0 Tom
Paul 2 - 0 Tom
Dan 2 - 0 Tom
Dan 2 - 0 Paul
Rob 2 - 1 Paul
Rob 2 - 0 Amar
Glenn 2 - 1 Amar
Paul 2 - 1 Amar
Ben 2 - 0 Tom
Dan 2 - 1 Ben
Glenn 2 - 1 Dan
Rob 2 - 0 Ben
Amar 2 - 0 Tom

Original Post:

A while ago I assembled the cards for a Pauper cube on MTGO.

It's where Armadillo Cloak meets Agony Warp and Izzet Signets power out Ninja of the Deep Hours. It should be quite fun.

I have some software for doing a draft through your browser but it's not finished and I don't have time to work on it now. So let's just do a low tech draft. I'll send you an email with a list of cards in your first booster. You remove the card you want and forward the email on to the person specified. It'll probably take a few days to complete the draft but who cares. You're on the honor system not to look ahead if packs queue up for you (as they surely will).

Then you email me the complete list of cards you drafted and I transfer them (temporarily!) to your MTGO account to play the games.

It's a bit manual, but I think it would be cool. And if it's that good, I'll work on the browser-based drafter for future runs.

If you want to draft, reply with your MTGO nick to this thread.

Player 1: bakert99 (Thomas David Baker)
Player 2: Monkey_2000 (Paul Young)
Player 3: DeTeReR (Daniel Royde)
Player 4: modomunkiman (Amar Dattani)
Player 5: Amidumaru (Rob Stanjer)
Player 6: lebenskii (Ben Titmarsh)
Player 7: dontgivemenobackchatsucka (Glenn Goldsworthy)
Player 8: LoThU99 (Kieran Symington)

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would it heko if i started sending some rogue packs to people?
They still with Amar I guess.

I say random picks from ben then sent to me if we really want it to get moving.

Was results day for me so was busy out with work people getting hammered.
Woke up late, had some things to do put have now passed all the packs building up onto Paul!
Spoke with Amar, we both have packs at 1c and 1b on lap with same amount of cards, so one of you out there missed a pick. So we can either go back up the chain from Amar and work out where it is, or a better solution for me would be keep it how it is, got a very nice pick.
Just play on ... just like the Games Club on a Friday night ... :S
If someone just forgot to delete their pick there will be two of that card in the draft but you only have one to give out so someone ends up with nothing from one of their picks!
Or, you know, I can buy another one for $0.08
OR people could just notice and then reply back to say that the card hasn't been taken.....
Also, could whoever put the card list into a silly small font, not do that?!
OK cool. I sent out everybody's pack 2. Please don't "open" it until you have completed pack 1, for those that haven't had their (2) last card(s) yet.
Good turnaround this evening. I've seen six of the boosters in Pack 2. Keep it moving!
Must be nice...
Relevant to say here that I haven't been passed any of pack 2 yet?

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