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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Anyone going?

How are you getting there?

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Planning to, arriving on a bus from Oxford though.

Trains out of Euston are 14.50 GBP on the day and take either 45m or an hour. So seems like it will be pretty easy to get there. Have preregistered by emailing

If other people are going, then I probably will. Any particular train time you fancy?

The 0945 out of Euston looks like the train to catch. Gives us 28 minutes to do the 13 minute walk at the other end. Better pre-reg if going that late, though. Could do the 0920 for more breathing room. If people are really saving their pennies it's a few quid cheaper to book on the 0853 in advance but that sounds too early for me.

Latest one sounds best to me. Its sealed. Why rush? It won't start until 1200 anyway

Your point is strong. See you at Euston at 0940.

I'll be going.  I think Andy is driving, although his Beetle can't really handle more than 2 people so not sure if he'll be able to take anyone else!

Tempted, although given that I spent last weekend playing magic the missus may veto

I am going, driving, not sure how many cars yet (we have 2 cars), depends on who needs lifts.  I live in Mill Hill Broadway

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