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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Axion Comics -Chesham - 23/12/2012
Scythe & Teacup - Liverpool - 05/01/2013
Wargames Workshop - Milton Keynes - 20/01/2013 (GP Bilbao clash)

Gamers World - Dublin - 23/02/2013

Fan Boy Three - Manchester - 02/03/2013
Dark Sphere - London - 09/03/2013 (GP Verona clash)
Highlander - Dundee - 16/03/2013 (GP Utrecht clash)
I'm tempted to do the Chesham PTQ as long as xmas plans do not cause problems! 

Will then prob do all the English ones. Liverpool, MK, Manchester and London.

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potentially up fo Chesham as well, depending on if i discover a fun deck

oooo, I'll be in Chesham, playing my gitaxan probes and meddling mages :)

(that, or something boring like twin...)

I'm up for Chesham if I can put something together.  I have 4 Gitaxian Probes and 4 Meddling Mages ... that's a start :)  For the rest of these I'll be 5000 miles away.  But I'll be playing in the San Jose (Channel Fireball), Berkeley and mayyyyybe Sacramento PTQs.  Rock.

Which reminds me Pete sadly I will almost certainly be missing GP Utrecht now :(

I will be at GP San Diego though!

Still can't see past Affinity for best Modern deck - grudges and shatterstorms or no grudges and shatterstorms.  Is Lingering Souls really that big a deal?  Affinity with Zealous Persecution!

Wouldn't Electrickery be better (easier to cast) than ZP?

Probably, yes, then you can play the good version with 4 Galvanic Blast and a Mountain and some Shrapnel Blast too.  It's about 4 less damage than ZP though!

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