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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Hey guys does anyone know anything I can use to put mutiple cards on a page so I can print them out for proxies.

I want to make an EDH deck but obv dont have £5,000,000 to build one so it will be all proxies.

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Good idea steve, send the people who don't even have electricity a hardcore web programmer.

stevie_b said:
Thomas David Baker said:
I have a program that will generate an HTML spoiler of scans from that is suitable for printing (9 per A4 page). All it needs is a list of the card names. Please don't do anything manual, that's depressing. Send me the list of card names and I'll send you back a PDF you can print. I guess I should put the program online sometime ...

tom your skills are wasted in magic - aren't there some developing world countries in desperate need of help
I chucked up a very rough-and-ready proxy generator here:

It doesn't know every card ever and will sometimes fall back to lower quality Gatherer pictures but it should do most of what you need. Whether it manages to print 9 on a page or not seems to be at the whim of the browser but I don't want to spend any time on it. Fiddle with your margins in your printer/browser settings. If there's much demand or this proves to be useless I can webify the program that I actually use rather than this knock off ...
Thanks Tom. Now I need to finish my list. Very sad that gifts is banned though :(
they cant ban gifts.
what fuckers...

Gary Lynch said:
Thanks Tom. Now I need to finish my list. Very sad that gifts is banned though :(

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