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So Ross, Kieran, Andy and myself were discussing the idea of organising a New-Old-Boys draft i.e. those of us who aren't old enough, and (somewhat) lacking the gut mass to participate in tuesday's old-boys draft, but still old enough to wish to avoid Johnny-First-Pick-Door-To-Nothingness

Whos in?

1. Kieran

2. Ross

3. Andy

4. Ben

5. Amar

6. Paul

7. Allan

8. Russ

Maybe it can become a regular thing?

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'Proper Old Man Style' is more fun, and redrafting rares makes things more interesting. I'm for doing it that way, but I guess we'll have to see what the majority wants on the night.

And I'm still definitely coming, despite Baker's nay-saying.

Tom, I still believe your objections are "peculiar to you", I'd suggest chatting to some of the tuesday guys sometime.  They're a bit cliquey in a group, but what bunch of friends isn't?

My vote is generally to keep rares you draft and stick with typical prize support, but I don't feel massively strongly on it so will defer to the majority.  Best of 1 round robin sounds like a plan!

Hi All, something has come up for me which I would like to attend. Is there anyone able to take my place for tomorrow?

If not, I will still attend as promised.

My preference would be to re-draft rares and 3 round swiss.

swiss cheese for me

Don't worry Allan - we'll find someone at the club if no one signs up on here.

Sorry chaps, got a late planning meeting at work to deal with, won't be able to get there tonight I'm afraid :(

Well this was awesome.  Loving the round robin format as you get to chat to everyone, there is a chance to play EDH at the end (sorry I couldn't do it this time guys) and the whole thing seems to flow a lot better.

Plus redrafting rares was fine too, everyone seemed to come away with something which was nice.

Definitely up for doing this again next week!

I agree with the above. Plus M13 looks like it's actually going to be a reasonable draft format (and not just because I won - although that always helps). We even had a Door to Nothingness opened, which I then got to take home. Sweet!

Definitely up for another go next week.

Agreed - this was a lotta fun and looking forward to doing it on a regular basis!

Next week I'm at a comedy show so cannot make it but will be in for the week after.

i would add a word of caution - kieran emerged as the winner which must raise a few doubts about the validity of the format.  despite this i would play again it was fun.

Sounds like it worked for you guys so that's nice.  I've been thinking about it and I'm probably wrong about it being oh so terrible for the London Magic community.  Especially if it results it bigger turnouts.  Plus now I have to be nice to all noobs for all time because I made a fuss :)

Noobs rhymes with boobs

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