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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Is anyone around tomorrow nursing hangovers or whatever and want to do some kind of draft/tourney at around 6-7pm?

Send me a message or post here if you are interested and I'll try an organize something when I get up.

(MODO: bakert99; Email:; MSN:; GTalk:; Yahoo! IM: sleague.geo; Skype: bakert99)

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Hey Tom,

I can probably be around. I'll try to remember to check back here, and fire up MTGO around 6'ish and see if you are about.

what are we doing, but yes?
OK the plan is to do:

Time Spiral-Ravnica-Fifth Dawn

draft via the realtime drafter and play the games out in MWS.

Be online at 8pm and send me a message if you want in.

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