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How about I set up an online pauper cube?

(Inspired by this otherwise not very exciting pauper article.)

We draft from a set list. Probably this one:

Then you have to buy the cards you drafted (hopefully for $1-2 total because this is Pauper, after all) and we play out the games on MTGO.

Once we have all the cards once we could do it again but just move the cards around to play, or buy them all again if they were that cheap.

What do you think? Wanna play? I'll sort out a tiny bit of randomizing software to email people their boosters and tell them who to "pass" them to without everyone knowing what is in each one at the weekend if people want to do it.

Sign up on this thread!

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Sounds like a lot of hassle Tom and plenty of scope for messing it up with all the secret passing. Wouldn't it be easier to try and amass a bunch of these cards in paper form?

I remember Ed talking about a foil common cube he was putting together a while back.
Oh we're all very clever don't you know, it would be fine. And it's really not that much hassle.

In paper form we have cubes galore. This is more of a here-and-there type thing rather than something you have to assemble for many hours to do. You just get an email of 15 cards. You remove one and write it down and then email the remaining 14 to the next guy. Or I could knock up a web app to do the whole thing in a couple of hours. That might be better.

I think it has legs!

Edit: you might be right that assembling the cards proves to be the problem, though. Perhaps I'll do that in advance and charge 1 tix entry or something ...

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