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Think it's between Pharika's Mender, Hopeful Eidolon or Griptide if I'm being competitive, Erebos if I need one for my self :)

Probably go for Griptide because hey blue cards!

Probably Dauntless Onslaught?

Erebos as it is not too hard to turn the gods on, there is also a decent chance you wheel the disciple. This also means you can play Grey Merchant.dec

The Mender is really good but you don't want to first pick a card with 2 colours.

Griptide is always a solid pick too.



Dauntless Onslaught has the most potential, I would take it here as it's good in any white deck, and amazing in a heroic deck. 

This was Makahito Mihara's P1P1 in Draft 2 at the PT.

He 3-0'ed the draft with a very B deck with 3 Gray Merchant and 2 Return from the Underworld and 1 of the give everyone intimidate guy. I'm not sure if his second color was R or U or even G but I think it was R. The draft is on the draft viewer.

His first pick was Griptide and Pharika's Mentor tabled. I didn't realize that Griptide was considered to be clearly better than Voyage's End. I mean I understand why it is better but cheapness is a quality and scry 1 is not nothing.



The Magic Online stats suggest that Voyage's end is the blue common/uncommon p1p1 which leads to the most 8-4 wins. Griptide isn't second, Sea God's Revenge is.

Those stats refer only to games where it is played, though, right? So if you die on 5 lands with it in your hand that isn't counted. Those stats say that Rise of the Dark Realms is the best card in M14 :)

I am going to count that as a vote for Voyage's End over Griptide, though!

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