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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

I hung out with Geoff (Fletcher, Games Club alumni) and his New Zealand crew at GP Oakland and he showed me his secret Standard tech. It wasn't that secret as they used it to win two boxes in the Standard queues side events on the Sunday :) They're running Bant with a one-of Basilisk Collar, Vapor Snare in the sideboard, Emeria Angel in the main and they can do some fun things with Knight of the Reliquary and Sejiri Steppe/other lands.

Anyway, he's Q'ed for San Diego (which is why he was over) and has won his first round. Although his country is down as New Zealand on the coverage as that's where he Q'ed from :(

Dan Gardner, Dan Prosek, Stephen Murray and Matteo Orsini-Jones won their first rounds, too. John Randle and Andrew Edwards lost. I don't think I actually know Dan P, Stephen or Andrew but they are marked with an "[ENG]" so I'm rooting for them anyway :)

I'm also following my favorite gravy trainers PV (won) and Olivier (lost, playing TurboFog).

I have a stinking cold and I'm lying in bed. I wish this was on ggslive!

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It was fairly lame. Guy on 6 (tapped) mana with Broodmate Dragon and one other card in hand loses to topdeck Blightning in game 5 in fairly typical fashion.

How come Blightning wasn't this awesome in LOR-ALA Standard?

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