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PT Gatecrash PTQs (Do you like PTQs? I like spreadsheets.)

Found this list of PTQs for next season.  Added a few that were a bit further away that I'd consider going to.



Date Store Street City Province Country Distance # US DATE Email Locate
13/10/2012 Penta Hotel Reading Oxford Road Reading England Great Britain 2 10/13/2012 Email Locate It
27/10/2012 Carlton Castletroy Park Hotel Dublin Road Limerick Ireland 6 10/27/2012 Email Locate It
28/10/2012 Oberonn Kempische Steenweg 27 bus 1 Hasselt Belgium 9 10/28/2012 Email Locate It
3/11/2012 Firestorm Games 8a Trade Street Cardiff Wales Great Britain 3 11/3/2012 Email Locate It
10/11/2012 Highlander Games 98 Annfield Road Dundee Scotland Great Britain 7 11/10/2012 Email Locate It
17/11/2012 Mercure St Pauls 119 Norfolk Street Sheffield England Great Britain 4 11/17/2012 Email Locate It
25/11/2012 Fan Boy Three 17 Newton Street Manchester England Great Britain 5 11/24/2012 Email Locate It
25/11/2012 Crous 45 Bd Diderot Paris Paris France 10 11/25/2012 Email Locate It
1/12/2012 Xtremetrades Gaming Centre Unit E2 Colchester England Great Britain 1 12/01/2012 Email Locate It
2/12/2012 Halle aux Sucres 32, avenue du Peuple Belge Lille Nord France 8 12/2/2012 Email Locate It
16/12/2012 Outpost Gent Ottergemsesteenweg 13 Gent Belgium 11 12/16/2012 Email Locate It


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 From PTQ to Ewe.  Anyone going to Cardiff on 3rd November?

At least now we know Nick's favourite ABBA song.

Knowing Me, Knowing Ewe... (Baa Baaaaaa)

(And no, I'm not apologising for that one.)

Nope, cannot make my hometown one as I will be in Lyon!

Thomas David Baker said:

 From PTQ to Ewe.  Anyone going to Cardiff on 3rd November?

Is anyone actually going to Cardiff.  Its not too bad for me now that i'm based in oxford.

I'm planning on going to Cardiff.  Default is the train, unless there's a car or two going.

e: from London that is.

Cannot even make the Colchester one as I have a tennis match! le sigh

Train down Friday night, night in Sleeperz near the station, PTQ at 10:30 the next day, home on the 19:30 unless top 8-ing.

It's approximately tempting.

Who is going to this and who is going to GP Lyon?

Moderately tempted by Cardiff since I have a spare weekend and the only other option is the competetive commander tournament which I'm really not sure about. The only real drawback is that Cardiff is an awful, awful place.

Pretty sure I'll be on the Saturday morning plan, rather than Friday night.  Will be checking out times etc later in the week.

Oh man, 67£ return to Cardiff.  Pretty brutal.  Is there a better way that doesn't take infi time?

Alright, I'm locked in.  Heading down to Cardiff in the day time Friday for extra Kieran lovin'.

FNM at Firestorm Games I guess!

Levi - cheaper than a flight to Montreal!

Ticket is pretty expensive, but going on the Friday makes it all worthwhile. Sadly not staying at the gay B&B with shared bathroom, though...

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