Demonic Tutor

Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Ross has the results from the last draft, I believe it was

Levi 15

Paul 15

Russ 9

Mark 6

Nathan 6

Kieran 6

Ross 6


UPDATED!  These are now the correct (enough) standings.


Signups for NOBs 6 next week:

1. Levi

2. Kieran

3. Ben

4. Mark

5. Nathan

6. Maor



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count me in for tonight

Cheers for that, Ross.

Hopefully we can pick up 1-2 strays tonight!

I'm a no can-do this week, sorry boys.

Argh... can't make tonight AGAIN.. hopefully see you next week

Levi 21
callum 15
maor 12
neil 9
nathan 9
mark 9
steve 6
kieran 3

levi stop crushing everyone so badly plz

Don't blame me, blame pack rat.

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