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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

There's a PTQ in Manchester.  And a GPT at TGC.

The GPT (for Rimini) is 35 GBP.

I'm landing from the US on the Thursday and I don't anticipate being in a fit state to PTQ.

The Modern Masters full spoiler will almost certainly be out by then.

I'm thinking that cubing (proxied) Modern Masters might be the maximum fun-per-dollar?

Anyone not going to Manchester want to participate?

Or Sunday?

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My plan is to attend tgc tomorrow with cubes in tow but probably play the gpt. I will attempt to recruit folks for a 12pm at Penderel's Oak on Sunday. If I get even a couple of yeses then I am up for that on Sunday.
I might go tomorrow, but I really don't want to play any more RTR Block sealed! And I don't just want to turn up on the off-chance of some cube since it inevitably won't happen and I'll end up having to play the sealed anyway!

Well I will be bringing 2 DGM, 10 RTR boosters + my box of Gatecrash if we want to organize our own draft(s).  And I will bring probably my Standard Cube and some other stuff like that.  I'm very convinceable that 35 quid Sealed for a GP I probably won't go to and have 2 byes for already is not a good plan.  I do like Sealed though!  And I haven't played enough DGM yet.

unfortunately I don't have any boosters, unless I go and buy some, however cube is always good :D

I'll either win some or work it out with Mike on Saturday.  There is always cube if we end up short on boosters.

I have a box of RTR

I'm planning to head to the gpt.  Only playing in it if numbers are small as I have plans in the evening,  If its popular, I'll be up for draft/cube.  I'll also bring c.15 dgm boosters.

Penderel's Oak-based entertainment kicking off before 1pm.

I only just woke up and feel pretty awful so am definitely wussing out of this one!

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