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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

If I was a conservative kind of guy then I guess I wouldn't post this incase they decide to decline all of the orders, but hey i'm feeling generous :o). 


Fancy Snapcaster Mage for £2.50?


How about Woodland Cemetery for 15p?

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An advertisement is only an invitation to treat not an offer. You make the offer when you place the order and it is up to them to accept it or not. At least that was my understanding of contract law from many years ago.



I mean you should probably check these things before putting them up. Also, given the level of stock, its hard to give a good reason to choose a UK based trader (if you are buying online) asides magic madhouse, which really is the only one that will have anything you want.

Matt Barnes said:

First of all, i'd like to extend a thank you to Dan Barrett for his support for Non-Madhouse UK traders.


Thank you for your kind words and support Dan, we're very grateful.


As for the error, we recently took on a new member of Staff, he decided it was his chance to prove himself and he made a mistake while uploading the spreadsheet with the prices. Mistakes happen.


Hope those who made the orders are happy with their 10% off.


What is it with magic players taking a holier than thou attitudes? Its actually just as bad as being childish. Everyone who knows Dan knows he is a good guy, it would be hard to find someone who disagrees, and its not like your needlessly sarcastic response was any better than his comment, which really can be put down to him being a bit sad about not getting his awesome deal. And you cant argue with his conclusion - the Madhouse is going to be better than every other UK shop, in terms of professionalism/stock/what have you, as it is a much bigger operation. The truth is it does pretty much invalidate the need for another (at least Southern) English singles/product shop online, and given that this is a reasoned conclusion is that worse than calling your shop a joke? I dont think your shop is a joke, and mistakes can be made, but you will get better quality at Magic Madhouse

I am going to channel Jack Nicholson in Mars Attacks and say... can't we all just... get along?


(Please no-one stab me in the chest with a weird crawling alien flag-hand thing.)

What Charlie said in it's entirety.


Every single time I have ventured out of my comfort zone and used a non-Madhouse UK trader, I have had a negative experience. Sure I was being a bit bitchy there with a knee-jerk reaction which may have been kinda harsh, but my point remains - if a small operation wants to compete against an established one that is so good at what they do, you need to up your game and not make sloppy mistakes like this. Getting the price right wrong on the flagship card of the set feels inexcusable to me, I don't accept that because you are a small company, mistakes are inevitable. If anything, you have to be more vigilant as the underdog. Also note I did give you some decent feedback in my response to our email, re: getting a full terms and conditions page.

lol @ lots of ppl trying to unscrupulously take advantage of what is obviously a pricing error and then bitching about how terrible the store is when it fails to honour the transaction
marco i wish you would post here more often
Even when he's calling me out, I agree with this. ;)

Philip Dickinson said:
marco i wish you would post here more often



see I was thinking what Marco said, but felt bad saying it :P


i learnt a lot about UK law from this thread though....

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