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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

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What's terrible news for me? This blank post is much more worrying than actual bad news!
My work computer must be blocking this. It's almost as though they don't want me spending all my time on the internet!
Undead Slayer 2W
W, T: Exile target Skeleton, Vampire or Zombie.
"My motive is not vengeance but mercy. I deliver the soulless back to their severed souls."

The quote is unattributed but it sounds like something Rafiq of the Many would say :)
It might as well say W: Exile target Kierans Deck
I actually consider this good news. If there's a guy specifically designed to kill skeletons, zombies and vampires there must also, by association, be loads of awesome ones in M10. We've already seen a vampire lord after all......

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