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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Testing for nats need to happen as I have a few lists that I need to try out.


Would people be up for another one of those sessions at the Weatherspoons in Holburn? I'm thinking next Sunday if people can make it.


Let me know!

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I am a litte - ok 11

Gary Lynch said:
your mad. far too early.

James Mills said:
I was going to get there at about 10 - probably have breakfast there.
Can I suggest a few ground rules for this such that it is actually productive rather than just "playing aa few games"?

1 - Bring real decks - i.e. ones that you actually expect to run into at Nats.

2 - Use "stock lists" - make your own tweaks once you've actually played the base version against other base decks

3 - Record your results - we can then put all these together later (I don't mind making a spreadsheet or something). Include for each GAME played: decks used, who was on the play, number of mulligans taken, whether the game was sideboarded or not, the result, and any points of note.

I will be bringing Brad Nelson's suggested list of Naya Shaman, and a top8 Mono-R.
I will be bringing Mythic and if I have time to build it some form of UW control.

Will be turning up about midday.
So guys how did the testing go?

What is the deck to play?

I would have come alone, but I was in Spain!
A lot of people are leaning towards playing RDW as it seems to have good pre board matchups against mythic and the miriad of ramp decks.

I do not want to play a ramp deck as they are very dependant on having the right amount of ramp spells and threats. If you can deal with their few initial threats and can land a Jace the game was over - Although no one bought a 'traditional' ramp deck using time walks.

I'm still going to do more testing as I'm not completely happy with any of the decks I've tested with. I've built the Wafo Tapa deck on that free site online and am enjoying it but the people on that site aren't playing competative enough decks.

Planeswalker was cool to play but would still prefer to play straight U/W

Jason Savage said:
So guys how did the testing go?

What is the deck to play?

I would have come alone, but I was in Spain!

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