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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

What are people doing this sunday as Jason isnt doing a sunday pre release. Do people want to get together somewhere to test standard?? Perhaps if people have enough product we could practice M10 draft, or build sealed decks and discuss them.

P.S For Sale :)

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Sigh. Victoria line is down today. So go to Victoria station some other way and then do this short walk:

(It's basically a straight line.)
Mind if i pop round too for 10000-0 against elves again?
Please do.
Found a bus that goes all the way from my house to the end of your road :)

If i catch that in a bit, what shall i bring with me (food, drink, trades, other games?), and who else is coming along? Tried ringing Gary but his phone is off, lame.

Also, have you read that starcity article from a while ago on how to test most productively? I seem to remember writing don and collating results is important, or something...

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