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so i have my sigarda of kill u quick totem armored up (lets say snake armor coz i need to win with as many cool points as possible) & an oblivion stone goes off, is the totem armor destroyed b4 i can save sigarda or does it replace the destroy effect first?

does it make any difference who the active player is?

my guess is both are destroyed but i am sure there is some cool rules explanation to explain why.

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Sigarda will live, instead of it being destroyed the totem armor is, so it's like it gets destroyed twice

If a spell or ability (such as Planar Cleansing) would destroy both an Aura with
totem armor and the permanent it's enchanting at the same time, totem armor's
effect will save the enchanted permanent from being destroyed. Instead, the
spell or ability will destroy the Aura in two different ways at the same time,
but the result is the same as destroying it once.

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